Monday, April 30, 2007

Urban Sprawl Fever

Above Picture Me & My Mom
I am deeply sad when I see the destruction of the woods. When I was a child our house backed up to a big wonderful woods full of wildlife. I remember having hiding places where I would go to talk to the plants, salamanders, frogs, & birds. There was something magical about that place. Well, Fugi sold his farm and they built mobile homes and apartment buildings right below us cutting down most of the woods. Native American artifacts were found there and sent off to the museum. This broke my heart as a child and it continues to break my heart now. Here in Sandy someone is attempting to burn down the new construction they are building. The news said someone is upset because they are cutting down a very old wood area. This is walking distance from my house. It seems we now have to go farther and farther to really enjoy the woods. (I do not condone the burning of new construction) My car broke down and I see just how hard it is to really get to the woods from here now. There are little patches here and there, and now that I carry Ella I can't walk as far and carry plants. I am getting "urban sprawl fever" sort of like "cabin fever" although I can still go outside. Sometimes I just need to be far enough out where you can't here the cars from the hi-way, people talking, see garbage, et. I tried Kava Kava Massage Oil (Thank you Jim McDonald for the Kava contact for the Purple Moi and recipe), Goldenrod externally (thank you Kiva Rose for the idea and Jim for the fast ship of the tincture since I couldn't wait 2 weeks), although they helped temporarily, a new pain would pop up in some other area. Little head aches, moody, I need to get out! I am looking forward to wildcrafting soon, my Mom is coming over from Prineville and we are headed for the Coast (she heard my whining and is driving over early). Plenty of woods there. Can't wait!

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