Friday, January 29, 2010

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Hello everyone- we are counting our blessings in these tough economic times!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Easy Bath herbs

I love baths! Ever since I can remember, if things were not going my way I would escape into the bathtub, I would stay there until I was a complete raisin! My mom used to call me a 'water baby' because I loved the water so much. Some of my best insights have 'came to me' while I was having a nice soak in the tub. Many times too, I would leave the tub with my problems going down the drain... literally.

When a friend or client is stressed I ask them if they can work in a bath (preferably with herbs!) I often tell moms with older kids, tell your kids "no interruptions unless it is an emergency" (a real one, like someone is bleeding or there is a fire) ignore all the door pounding, the 'mom can you ____" and the occasional screams- we are talking 40 minutes tops- what could happen (wink). As far as moms with babies- jump in as soon as the nap starts- if you are lucky you can get a 20 minute bath in!

You are actually bathing in a giant cup of tea- it is divine!

Just one more way to learn about and connect to the plants.

I am a little sore lately. I am not sure if I discussed this before, but topical herbal remedies can be just as effective as internal - or even better use them together!

Throw some herbs in a sock, tie the top to the faucet and let the bath water run through, when the bath is done running, let the herbs float in the tub (make sure the top is tied, you don't want a lot of loose herbs clogging the drain), or use the herb filled sock as a bath scrub!

I love, love, love to drink herbal tea (like chamomile- or other relaxing herbs ) and simultaneously use them in my bath!

It is especially nice this time of year when it is chilly- and muscles ache from either inactivity or jumping into a new exercise routine (I am talking to you New Years resolution folks!)

You can use the same herbs you would use for teas.. or even better, if you are clearing out your shelves getting ready for the spring harvest, you can use those herbs that are not quite as strong as you would like for your bath instead of composting them!

I like relaxing herbs most of the time, but you can also use stimulating herbs in the morning (Rosemary is nice for this). This is a great jump start to the day!

I just started practicing yoga
, and I found a rosemary bath right after is an awesome way to move forward with my day!

So try it!

Get creative!

I like mints, comfrey, Valerian, hops, lavender, calendula, oats- just off the top of my head.

Let me know what you think:)