Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing Art By Jesse Wolf Hardin! Updates

Notice the beautiful new header! Thank you so much Wolf for the awesome portrait of me, my daughter Ella; Strong, Fiery, Deliberate, Wild pony! and my son Wyatt; Gentle, Smart, Happy, Spunky cub!

Now would also be the perfect time to mention that Anima is offering some great new correspondence courses- check out their offerings here!

In other news, look for more blog posts, updates on the herbal list, and a new course especially for Moms after the first of the year! The new course I am working on will be all about mothering; balance in the home, self care, inner work and setting the example (and herbal remedies!).

In the meantime Ella's 3rd Birthday is coming up on the 21st! We will be having a small celebration at our home. I have been working on needle felting some handmade gifts of some of Ella's favorite animals, and Tony is working on a wood handmade play kitchen and play stand!

Then the holidays are right around the corner!

Blessings everyone!