Sunday, April 29, 2007

French Women Don't Get Fat a book review

A friend of mine gave me the book French Women Don't Get fat, was she trying to tell me something? LOL. Well, I am doing pretty good post pregnancy. I do like to keep up on the trends out there to see what other people are doing. I don't believe in dieting. The one thing I will say about this book is I really liked it's overall theme. Basically, you are supposed to sit down and enjoy your food, slowly....No going through the drive through, as your speeding away and shoving in the fileOfish thinking your getting some Omega 3's. She makes a day of it. She WALKS to the store, that's right folks actually walks. Only buys the ingredients for that days meal. She talks about the French lifestyle, have your wine, but only 1 glass, yes even with every meal if you wish. Have your desert, but a very small piece. Moderation.......Something most American's have a hard time with. Eat in beautiful surroundings and enjoy the experience. I liked this book. If your thinking, I don't have time to walk to the store. Hum....may this be part of the problem? Just a thought.

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