Sunday, April 29, 2007

New House, New Garden

This is going to be so fun! We are buying a house out here in Sandy, we live on Mt Hood so the garden season starts late, Mothers day at the earliest. My Garden is going to be different this year. As a new mom I was tempted to just do pot herbs. But.....Let's think about this winter. Will I really feel like cooking exquisite meals? NOT! So my garden this year is going to be all about preserves. Ella is not walking yet and Grandma is here to help. I have a ton of green beans so much I am sick of them, ditto on the garlic. I'm thinking baby food frozen in ice cube trays, same with parsley, basil, oregano, and other culinary herbs for cooking. I have to have fresh tomatoes, I will preserve some of them as well. I love tomatoes so I will have at least 3 varieties. My husband loves to fish, smoked salmon sandwiches will be great with some cream cheese with dill, capers, lemon zest. Ditto on the herb butter, all this stuff can be frozen, so I can look like I am some great chef this year! As far as the medicinal herbs I am all about de-stressing and relaxation. Hey birth is tuff on my 33 year old body, Ella is a great baby, she is also a morning baby (I am not) and I have not slept in for a year. I am thinking Valerian, catnip , chamomile, lemon balm. Sage for my over production of milk (careful with that, don't want to stop it all together) and I am sure I will go hog wild with other medicinals. This is a nice size garden. I am going to love getting dirty all summer, I am sure Ella will too! I will take pics of the before and after and post them here. Any comments and ideas would be appreciated!

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