Monday, April 30, 2007

Henriette has 7 dwarfs plus worker elves and perhaps a few fairies

From Henriette's blog: You have data on how many plants?

Some of the various herb-related sites out there proudly exhibit things like "7000 plants in our database" and similar.

So on a whim, I did a quick and dirty database query: count the number of unique latin names with URLs attached.
I have data on 4200 different plants, give or take a few.

And, lemmesee, I have photos of 2164 genera online

On a whim? Are you kidding me? How do you find time for this Henriette? I am suspicious. Let's see you have your site, your list (which is a very tight ship let me tell ya, she doesn't miss a beat) Your blog, You teach, you practice as an herbalist, and who knows what else. You have the perfect answer for everything herbal at the drop of a hat, your a computer wiz techi, I am sure I have left out 1000 more things you do.

Tell us, do you have elves, fairies, dwarfs, and several pixies you are not telling us about? You see I am conducting this little experiment to see if one of your elves finds my site. Waiting for comment.......should take approximately 2.2 seconds.

In case you have been under a rock some ware and missed it here is Henriette's site. Everything herbal, you can find it there. Oh and it is the best site, save your self some time and go there!

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Henriette said...

I might possibly have one little elf hidden away somewhere, but shhhh! don't look that way, they're very shy!