Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Purple Moi Kava Kava

Last year I ordered some Purple Moi Kava Kava from Nuka Hiva Trading Co. Great place! I also ordered a variety called Isa.

As a massage therapist I run into a lot of people with chronic lingering back, neck and shoulder pain. Last year I made up a large batch of tincture of the Purple Moi & Isa variety (I noticed Purple Moi is no longer on their web site :(. I really didn't get a chance to use much of it myself because shortly after I became pregnant and I am now nursing. So I started giving some away for people to try. The overall interesting responses I received were great. All of the people who tried Purple Moi had similar responses. Chronic pain is often accompanied by mild depression, you really just don't feel like doing and enjoying anything. The people who tried it said they immediately felt like doing the things they needed to do to take care of their pain such as exercising! While the Purple Moi Kava Kava did not take the pain completely away, it did give them the emotional boost they needed to accomplish their goals, most reported it definitely took the "edge off" the pain as well. The dose was a few drops up to 20 drops depending on the person. Some were couch potatoes or people who went to work only, then went straight home to watch TV. The important thing to note is that these people had tried Kava and said "there was just something about this one" that gave them a little extra boost. Overall all mood was drastically improved, many felt like setting future goals and had more hope for recovery. Of course this is not a study, several factors could contribute to these responses, the interesting thing is most reported this mood shift immediately after taking the Kava, within minutes.


Shamana Flora said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, kava!!

jim mcdonald said...

ah, the folks at nuka hiva are good people. I've got nothing to say but good about 'em. Alas, though, its harder now for kava distributers to supply as many varieties as demand for the herb is far less than it was a few years ago, and that has cut down the number of growers. Though its really rather pungent, I quite love the papau new guinea rootlets; they're wonderfully effective and nice for chewing on as well as making oils from or tinctures from or powder to make a kava drink with.

Only had a wee teenie bit of that purple moi - now I wsih I would've had more; never tinctured that one. Papa ele ele is also real nice; just makes you feel "nice".

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

Can't wait to try the papau new guinea & papa ele ele! If I would have known about the purple Moi's benefits I would have tinctured more.