Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Balance, Nature, & Your Home

Balance and Nature

Observing Nature's Cycles

Camping is very rejuvenating to me, not only is being out in nature healing, but the change of being outside and being aware earth’s sun and moon cycle is very uplifting. Being connected to this natural earth rhythm is a welcome change. If you can’t make it camping, you may want to try to rise and sleep with the sun or live without electricity for a weekend and then monitor how you feel. Eating the foods that are in season and locally grown also help you to get in tune with the earth. I believe it is good for our bodies to eat the in season foods, live with the seasons. When spring comes around I naturally get a sense that I want to start something new, I feel renewed, more alive.

Bringing the outdoors in

I like to create harmony in my home by making a smooth transition between my indoor and outdoor spaces. I also love the ocean so I have several shells I have found beach combing, along with my rock collection adding to my d├ęcor both inside and out. I have several indoor & outdoor plants. I like to put comfortable furniture outside, so in the morning I can sit and enjoy the fresh breeze. By making the outdoors more comfortable, I can easily sit and watch the wildlife, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the moon & stars at night. The more often I do this, especially when I lived at the coast, I found myself noticing the pull of the full moon on bodies of water, as well as feeling this in my body.

As I try to seek more balance in my life, I want to balance not just my role in life, but also the natural elements in my living space. Having natural elements in my home is good for my mind, body, and spirit, as well as it gives my home a good overall energy. Often when I have friends over they pick up my rocks or shells, it is like they can’t help but touch them. Inevitably, we always have a conversation about where they were found or about nature. I find most people really do not get enough nature in their lives. I find when I am more in tune with nature both in my home and outdoors my energy is more in sync and I feel an overall sense of balance and well being.

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