Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mama goin' wholistic!

I wanted everyone to know that I have another blog Mama Goin' Wholistic

I will still post herb, nature and health related posts here for moms and kids-
The posts on my other blog may be either off topic for this blog, be more geared toward alternative parenting styles, or a little more personal in nature.

I also want to support mom writers (writing motherhood is a great way to stay balanced, honor our everyday lives as mothers, work through problems etc) ~ this is really off topic for this blog.

If you are interested feel free to take a look:)


Green Womyn said...

Congrats, the blog is very cool!

jh said...

Nice to see an herbalist out of Oregon on here. I learned how to garden in PDX and it changed my life. It is such a eden.