Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elderberry - Gettting close to harvest time!

I have noticed that some of the elderberry trees are starting to get their first berries (above picture was from last year)! Keep your eye open here in the Pacific Northwest- before you know it there will be plenty of berries to harvest!

For some recipes, ideas and a lively discussion in the comments section -check out my post from last year, Elderberry Sambucus a local forgotten medicinal?

Can't wait to harvest some so I can make kiva's Elderberry Sparkle!


PattyK said...

We're beginner wildcrafters in the foothills of Mt. Baker, Washington. My husband and son picked elderberries yesterday and we had our first cup of tea today. Wonderful flavor. Was so glad to find this website. They both have colds and are hoping it will help.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I LOVE elderberries!

We moved here last year and we have a ton of them growing on the hill we live on.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

My chickens also love them..lol..