Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hard rock and Milky Oats

Ok I have been away from the writing for a while. Yesterday I went to the store alone and had the radio on full blast, singing at the top of my lungs at the Hy way 26 intersection (my voice carries), 92.3 had 80's rock on. Thoughts flash back to cruising seaside loop with my boyfriend who's long hair took longer to feather than mine did LOL. I made sure I purposely went to the store that was 20 minutes away so I could sing all the way.

I have to say I feel much better.

Or could it be the milky oats that Jim Mcdonald sent for our trade?
This along with some relaxation (much needed) has really helped my post baby craziness. I noticed a difference immediately. Ella is going on 9 months old now. Since her birth I have been having some postpartum symptoms. Problems with thinking clearly (Ok a least I have something to blame that on). Moodiness (where in the hell did I put that other shoe!) tiredness (what a surprise the last time I slept in was sometime in 2006) lack of libido (what the?).

Milky oats tincture aventa sativa fresh unripe seed extract, have proved to be an excellent nervine for me. I have also experienced a new type of energy, I have been having some *exceptional* dreams, how can I put this without sounding unprofessional, Oh wait too late for that refer to first paragraph-, anyway lets just say my libido has also improved dramatically as well.

Heartsong farm has a good explantion of milky oats.
They also have some available for purchase. If you would like to make the tincture, jim mcdonald informed me that this is one of the few herbs he does use a blender for.


jim mcdonald said...

heh... whitesnake?

Glad the milky oats is treating you kindly. And, don't under estimate the power of amber essence on libido. I sell it in classes, and people always ask, what's it good for? "Well", I say, "meditation, it helps to still the mind, open the heart chakra and such, but its really nice rubbed all over someone you think is cute."

Nice, too, in that both men and women like it.

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

I should have mentioned the amber essence as well! I was quite short on time when writing up the post. I definitely think it is a combo of the two!

As for the music how did you guess! They also played Heart, Rush, Police , Foreigner, to name a few LOL