Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Party Harvesting

Well this year was busy, moving into a new house a little late to really get things going in the garden. I did grow some culinary herbs like basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, fennel, chives.
I have catnip which has come in especially handy for Ella and her teething. I also planted lemon balm, nice tea for me!
Tons of squash & tomatoes. In fact I have so much squash I can't give it away fast enough! I absolutely love garden fresh tomatoes so I will probably eat most of them fresh, I do plan on preserving some too for yummy soups and sauces.
I have one little cayenne plant that hasn't produced, I think I planted it to close to the squash, not knowing that the one plant would be about 5 ft in diameter!
My Husbands brother is a fishing guide in Alaska, he is shipping over 70 lbs of fish. I am looking forward to making a tomato base fish stew with fennel, onions, garlic for the base, nice aromatic white wine with fish stock, some pepper flakes, bay leaves, fennel seed, fresh fennel tops to garnish yummy!
Oh and I have lettuce and nasturtium leaves and flowers, these have made excellent salads. Oh and to spite what Henriette said on one of her rants on her blog not that long ago I couldn't resist taking some of my left over alcohol and making a very small batch of nasturtium leaves and flowers tincture, I am sure that it will taste just as you described ,"really stinky cabbage" but oh well LOL! By the way Henriette if you knew what it tasted like you must have tried it at one point yourself Hee Hee.
For the culinary herbs I like to make herbal ice cubs to add to cooking throughout fall and winter. I also like herb butters.
Just strained out a catnip tincture yesterday.
The garden came with dandelion, since the soil was good I got some really good root. Oh and there was a yellow dock in the corner.
I had big plans for the garden but only got half of it planted, the other half is taken over by morning glory from the neighbors yard, boy she grows fast!


Anonymous said...

When I first started learning about making tinctures, I was in my garden one day and the nasturtium called to me that it was one of "the ones" I needed to tincture. I had no idea what this was going to be used for but since then I've learned it is wonderful for lung coughs that feel like a viral happening trying to get started. Knocks it right out with just a few drops. It's got a peppery taste that I am more than fine with - but I knew I would since I have grown nasturtiums for years and enjoyed their edible flowers and leaves. Henriette has her taste buds...and I have mine ...I think there's room for all of us with this!

Henriette said...

Yes, I know I shouldn't have dissed him/her .. but honest, somebody writes me to say they've made a tincture, what should they use it for? That's *prime* inbox rant material.

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

Agreed anonymous & agreed Henriette :). Haven't strained the tincture yet, I will have to update on my opinion.