Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Broccoli Sprouts vrs Full Grown Broccoli

Above Picture from Martha Stewart Magazine 3/03

In a 1997 study at John Hopkins University, it was found that broccoli sprouts contained as much as 50 times more of the anti cancer compound sulforaphane than fully grown broccoli. The sprouts hit their highest amount of concentration when they were 3 days old, when the shoots have their 2 baby leaves. Sulforaphane prompts the body to make an enzyme that has been shown to prevent tumor growth according to the study. Sulforaphane levels varied greatly in the full grown broccoli when tested.

Sprouts are easy to grow any time of year & they taste great! Place a plant light inside the top of a book shelf (as shown in the picture above), grow them right in your house! Add them to your salads & sandwiches, make a stir fry, place as a garnish.

To Sprout
Put 2 to 3 beans, seeds, or grain in a screw top mason jar, half fill the jar with luke-warm water. Leave to soak overnight.

Bean sprouting tops can be bought at your local wild foods store or you can make one from some muslin, cheesecloth or gauze and a preserving ring or rubber band.

Poor off the water, use the water for your plants.

Rinse once or twice and stand the jar upside down until the water drains out completely. Keep the sprouts in a dark area or cover them with a kitchen towel until you see they are germinating. At this stage, bring them into the light to develop their green tips.

Rinse once or twice daily until the sprouts are about 3 cm long or have 2 baby leaves. Do not leave them standing in water or they will quickly rot. They increase their size rapidly, don't sprout too many at once. Wash jar thoroughly between sprouting.

Prepare as much as you will use in 2 or 3 days.

If you would like to view the study go to www.hopkinsmedicine.org/1997/SEPT/970903.HTM

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