Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The bond between Mother and Child

Pictures Me and my Mom Left

When you are pregnant you get advise from all different angles, "you have to have a schedule" "This is what you must do" this way or that way is the way to go "Well this is how I did it". You want the best for your child so you listen. After a while it begins to sound like white noise. After Ella was born I did what I call a "babymoon" Just like a honeymoon no visits, just Ella her Dad and I for the first week. I do what resonates with me. As women I believe if we just listen to our inner voice we instinctively know what to do. I see the women with their baby wraps working the fields, baby in tow. Ahhh, That image, it stayed with me. Ella goes everywhere with me, we are connected. Today we went to visit a friend, she said, "I love the way she looks at you" That made me smile. My Mother comments on how much "patients" I have, but for me, this is just something that comes naturally, she forgets I learned it from her.
With Mother's day approaching, being a new Mom, I suppose I think of this subject more. Being a Mom is not something I got from the latest trend in mothering books, it was from my own Mom & Grandma. The memories of gathering of plants, the days in the garden & kitchen with Grandma, days on the beach & in the woods with my Mom. As soon as we would get to the Ocean, we would take off running full blast out into the waves, laughing as the 45 degree water would splash over our heads "smell the air, isn't it incredible!" she would say "Look over there, star fish!". Collecting shells and rocks "ooo look at this one, isn't it beautiful" Mushroom hunting near a hidden creak, "now don't tell, this place is special" we would find magical fossils there. Enjoying nature and stopping to marvel at the beauty of it. Long road trips on a whim, watching the landscape change from green to desert brown, the animals change from raccoons to turtles. The smell of the fireplace burning on a crisp fall day, running in to greet my Mom sitting by the fire and enjoying the view. Collecting pine branches to make Christmas wreaths. Planting flowers with Grandma, tending to them, and discussing the stories about the ones that were there. Climbing the tree having Grandma talk me down. Baking in the kitchen. Learning to garden the wise woman way "How do you know when the plants need to be watered" I asked "Oh I don't know, sometimes the reach out to touch me as I am walking by"Mom getting me chamomile tea for my nightmare. Collecting rhubarb, cutting my finger, having Mom there to kiss it. Being there with my Mom for the birth of my sister and brother when I was 17 and marveling, as I watch her do it all over again. Love you Mom and Grandma, Happy Mothers Day!

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