Friday, November 12, 2010

Rosemary in Autumn

Hello everyone! The above picture is of a rosemary plant that we planted this year. The fallen leaves that surround it are from one of our favorite trees. This year the leaves remained green during the entire summer (normally they are red for most of the summer). Just when we wondered if the leaves would turn color, they did, and the kids and I marveled at the beauty of the brilliant array of reds the tree displayed. That night a hail storm came and the tree began to drop all of its beautiful red leaves, not only were we grateful we got to enjoy the beauty of its display before they fell to the ground, but we were also reminded to stop and take time to notice the amazing lessons that nature has to teach us. Ella (my 3 year old) asked "why can't the leaves stay?" We spent the day talking about the tree, seasons, beauty, gratitude, time, and gifts.... and we collected some leaves.

This year has been a beautiful year of lessons, learning, and reflection. There is no doubt that I have faced some major life challenges this year. When this happens, I have found that daily quiet reflection along with learning from the best teachers in my life (my children) has been the medicine that I needed to get back on track.

We have been enjoying the rhythms of everyday life. Going for long walks and playing outdoors for hours, enjoying the harvest from the farmers market stand, experimenting with new recipes made from local produce and herbs, telling and listening to fairy tales and myths, working with crafts and painting, and making our house a home. Along with some major projects we have been doing around the yard, we also built a chicken coop out of our old dog house, we have been enjoying fresh eggs from our two chickens daily.

We had a very short summer this year. I was told by my friends at the farmers stand that it was the worst harvest they have had from their garden in 40 years. I hear whispers around the neighborhood that the winter is going to be unusually harsh. When I observe the crisp morning air and the early snow storms further up the mountain, I am starting to believe that my neighbors may be on to something.

Now that the days are getting shorter, and my urge to write is getting even stronger, I am considering writing some posts here that involve myth, fairy tales, and herbs for the younger audience (my hope is that you will share them with your children).
I decided to shut down the blog Authentic Mama for now, so you may see some posts that involve kids and family (and of course herbs and health) here in the future.

Enjoy the holidays!


The Imperfectly Intentional Housewife said...

I love when teaching moments arise like that with my son! Kids ask such wonderful questions and I am always inspired by my son.

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

Nice to meet you and thank you for such a thoughtful comment, our children are an inspiration:)