Monday, April 19, 2010

Get Home Apothecary with Angie Goodloe MP3 course Free!

I am in the process of moving my 2 blogs to one website. I don't want anyone to miss out. In the meantime I want to post all of my herbal events (herb walks, articles, news) on my facebook fan page. There is only one problem. For some reason I have an easier time getting people on my personal page and no one knows about my fan page! To inspire people to move over to the fan page I wanted to offer a free gift! If you are already a fan- you will be receiving access to the course as well on April 26th:)

Become a fan on my facebook page (via the 'like' button) between now and April 25th and I will hook you up with the Home Apothecary course on April 26th!

The Home Apothecary MP3 audio is nearly 3 hours of instruction! All you need to do if you are interested in the Home Apothecary lesson is sign up at my fan page before the deadline of April 25th- and on April 26th I will send everyone on my fan page information on how to access the course.

If you missed it the first time, you can check out the entire course HERE I am not sure if John will ever offer this course again, so grab this portion while you can!

Join my fan page and get the course on April 26th!

Here is a summary of the Home Apothecary lesson:
  • Tips for integrating herbal medicine into the home

  • Administering herbs to kids

  • Great "kid herbs" to have in your apothecary

  • The best books and resources

  • Contraindications

  • Suggested dosage for children

  • Tips for the busy parent

Remedies covered include....

  • Tinctures

  • Freezing fresh herbs in ice cube trays

  • Herbal pops

  • Honey

  • Syrups and elixirs

  • Powders and making "candy" or "tablets"

  • Puddings and thick drinks

  • Tea blends

  • Infusions

  • Decoctions

  • Herbal Baths

  • Vapors and steams

  • Poultices

  • Compresses

  • Salves and infused oils

  • A 2 part lesson nearly 3 hours long!


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and I am sorry I missed it. I have a 4 year old who is started radiation and will begin chemo as well and I am trying to study up on how to boost his immune system as wellas improve the health of my other 4 children would love it if you could contact me when your website is up I'd love to follow it.

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

Hi Cheryl, If you want to go ahead and join my page, leave me a note on my wall, I will message you back with the course access!

Thank you so much for following!