Friday, March 6, 2009

Gardening on my mind, snow on the ground

Woke up to snow again this morning- according to forecasts, it is supposed to snow quite a bit this weekend.

I am so ready to start gardening! I am getting such an itch I am adding more herbs to my indoor kitchen garden! All my outdoor pots broke because I did not move them in during the first big freeze, so I may pick up some more today as well- If I find a good deal on some nice pots I will post pictures!

I am giving away Growing and Using Herbs Successfully by Betty Jacobs over at the Authentic Mama blog- head over and comment on the simple living challenge of the day- you just may win!


Anonymous said...

Angie - I'm with you. I'm soooo ready
for spring. It's a good time to start thinking about what type of feeders and houses we want to put out.
I saw some really cool "edible" feeders for birds. That have a "room and board" of sorts. Once they eat the food off the house, the house it still usable.

I'd like to get some houses for bees, frogs, butterfly and bat vivariums. Fun, practical and educational.


Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

G.L. Thank you for stopping by! I agree! There is so much we are considering for our yard this year!
I would love to re-do our front yard and add even more native plants, to attract wildlife. I want to take out the grass and have only moss (husband thinks I've lost it:)

Ask a Nurse said...

It's so beautiful that you want to be close to nature and learn and be a part of it.

EMR said...

Nature brings out the best human hiding within all of us and teaches us to be as free as it is...

Medical Tourism said...

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