Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Herbal Videos - Facebook and Twitter

John has some new videos on youtube

Ok I am jumping on the bandwagon! I joined twitter- if you are interested in what I am eating you may be disappointed (unless it is beneficial when it comes to herbs). I plan on putting little herbal tid-bits I find throughout the day (like when I heard about johns new videos, articles or other good resources that I don't have time to blog about) really not sure what to think about twitter- we will see how it goes- I'm not going to overwhelm anyone, I will probabaly only post once or twice daily (if that). It is a lot like facebooks 'what are you doing right now' app. So I may just stick with Facebook.

I also joined Facebook- you will find a lot of my old high school friends there- but I will also be posting my events and other herbal insights:) Some pretty cool herbalists are on facebook now- I really encourage you to join!

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BridgetCuddie said...

Hi Ange, Just checking out your blogsite. Gotta run, but I'll be back. How's that baby doing?