Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby Monkeyflower mimulus alsinoides

Kiva has written about monkeyflower minulus species here
I am not sure if these have similar medicinal value, I have not ran across an abundant patch to harvest (they are so small) Don't confuse the top picture leaves, that is another plant growing in the middle of the monkey flower patch. Even though these monkeyflowers are small they are striking and cannot be overlooked within the moss against the rock face. The picture does not really do the flower justice, it is really beautiful when you get up close to look at it. I found this mimlus on a rock face next to a hard rushing waterfall. They like moist, shady, damp places, you will find them where moss likes to grow. There are plenty of wet rocky places here that this little beauty may be found. I will keep my eye open to see if I can find a more dense population so I may be able to harvest a small amount.Here is what Kings American Dispensatory Has to say about mimlus

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