Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring on the way!

Tony Ella and I went on an outing today to Oxbow old growth forest & up the mountain to zig zag trail head. It was a very nice and sunny, at least 60 degrees. This is a heat wave compared to the 20-30 degree weather we were experiencing just a few weeks ago. Oxbow is at the lower elevations at about 300-500 ft. Up the mountain at zig zag, around 1800-2500 feet there is still about a foot of snow on the ground, the plants are still hidden . The Sandy river looked pretty good both at Oxbow and zig zag, although high, it was not flooding as feared and the fisherman seemed to be out as usual. Tony had his line in the water for a while this morning, no luck today. I saw some beautiful new lime green moss, chickweed, & other sprouts of forest ground cover starting to grow, and the new growth of needles on the trees. A deer had walked across the trail not long before we arrived, the tracks were still fresh. A sword fern waved at us as we walked by, scared Tony half to death! Actually he was more excited than scared because he thought it may be a wild animal we could observe. I told him the fern was just giving us a wave, he just gave me a ummmm hmmm with a blank look lol. Seeing the new signs of life in the woods today made me really excited for spring and summer!

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