Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No more naked gardening?


The town of Happy Valley here is Oregon is trying to pass an law against naked gardening. Come On! I can think of a lot better laws to try and put on the books- people are actually wasting their time with this?

That's it, I'm streaking the neighborhood in protest!


Shamana Flora said...

good!! go for it honey!!

Kiva Rose said...

And for the best naked gardening scene in the history of cinema watch Off The Map.... great movie, great naked gardening :D

Ananda said...

That's F'ridiculous!! What a crock!
I can't think of a healthier way to be naked. Go streaking Angie!

Anonymous said...

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Tina Sams said...

Where do they come up with these things? Just how rampant is naked gardening? Is it even a real issue? And just out of curiousity, will this also cover shirtless men on riding mowers? Because I might have to agree with that one (smirk).