Friday, September 7, 2007

Ella's New Doc

Went to Ella's 9 month checkup today. I got into this clinic with this Awesome Doctor. Her name is Dr Monique Pritchard MD, FAAP she is at the Sellwood Medical Clinic. I drove about 40 minutes to get there and let me tell you it was worth it! Her bedside manner with Ella was amazing! The first thing Ella did was wave and say "HI" O MY! That was a first! I knew I was in the right place. No wonder she has patients who drive 3 hours 1 way from Seattle. The room was cozy with an old rock fireplace with a very cool Native American picture, I felt very much at home. We were talking about organic food & nutrition, garlic ear oil, herbal remedies and teas, Infant massage, co sleeping (here baby is only a few weeks older than Ella and she co sleeps), importance & benefits of long term nursing, I couldn't believe it. A doctor, who actually gives a crap, spends longer than 5 minutes, in fact, we were talking for at least 30 minutes! She also said she is OK with no vaccinations (will write up a religious exemption) , and if they do vaccinate it is only tested and proven vaccines (plus she is willing to spend the time to educate on each one and what it is for), no more than needed, on your schedule! She checked Ella for lead because of the new toy scare, checked for anemia (she was A OK) Ella seems to be right on track, the nurse said "whatever your doing, keep doing it!" She asked where I lived and told me that since I am far away they will make an extra effort to schedule me in so I do not hit traffic. This is so refreshing. When I told her I was an herbalist and LMT, her eyes lit up and she requested my cards. WOW, not only was she listening to what I had to say, she was actually interested and agreeing with me! Am I dreaming? Oh and our insurance covers it!!???


Kiva Rose said...

Oh yay! I'm so happy for you, it's can be incredibly challenging to find a good doc for little ones. When I lived in PA I went through hell trying to find one who wouldn't condemn me to hell for not doing vaccinations etc.

~kiss~ for Ella.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for this write up - I just requested paperwork to sign up with Dr. Pritchard after our baby is born in the new few weeks, and was looking online for more back-up material on her. This is so great to know - we're concerned about the VAX thing, too, and just knowing that whomever sees our baby is going to really spend time to get to know her. Thanks again.